Wednesday, February 10, 2010

SharkBoot (Arbitrary clock speed)

To save batteries, Anool are considering running the SharkFin at 3.3V with a 12 MHz resonator.  That means that the bootloader needs to be recompiled with the new CPU speed.

1. Download Makefile from here.
2. Add new target by modifying adaboot328 to Makefile (I called it sharkfin328)

sharkfin328: TARGET = sharkfin328
sharkfin328: $(PROGRAM)_sharkfin328.hex
sharkfin328: AVR_FREQ = 12000000L 
sharkfin328: MCU_TARGET = atmega328p
sharkfin328: LDSECTION  = --section-start=.text=0x7800

3. >make sharkfin328
4. Upload  see here for details.

The new board will look like a "Arduino Duemilanove or Nano w/ ATmega328" inside of Arduino.

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