Sunday, March 28, 2010

SharkFin-- The first wireless helmet mounted brake light!

I've been consumed for the past month with the SharkFin. The gyro drift and analog glitches nearly did me in. I am reporting in the wee hours of the morning today, that the first version is functional! May still need to play with the thresholds after road testing but, (famous last words) I feel confident that there are no more major hurdles! More pics and vids to come.



B. Nicholson said...

Sell me one, please.

Justin said...

B. Nicholson,

Thanks for your interest. I'd love to sell you one, but need to improve the consistency. Also, onesies are pretty expensive. If that does not turn you off, you can be the first beta tester!

Thanks again. Email me directly if you are still interested.


Justin said...

That would be at