Saturday, May 01, 2010

WordClock Delivered

I dropped off a word clock to Alden (creator of the miniature word clock). I had mistakenly come to the conclusion that Alden had a laser cutter. I will forward the super cool golden face plates when they arrive from Anool. You can see the word clock on the left of the work bench.

While I was there he showed me around his beautiful shop. This is a dream shop, well lit and spacious, with enough components on hand to invent the future (which is what he is doing!).

Below, Alden is checking the performance of a stepper driver he has been working on. The steppers must have gotten out of hand in the second photo as the whole room seems to be spinning.

1 comment:

Riley Porter said...

I am the one with the laser cutter. However aldens shop > mine! Sorry I couldnt make the party.