Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Brake Light Mod!

Instructables reader, Anool, has printed up some PCB's from the BEBL schematic. This larger 5-light version will be mounted on the seatpost. He was generous enough to send me a couple of the boards. I'll be looking forward to receiving them.

If all goes well, Anool and I will have the SharkFin boards ready soon!

Thanks Anool!


Zachary said...

Very cool. If by chance you make a kit at some point, let me know, i would like to purchase one. :-) I saw your work at HACDC lightning talks, and I would be interested in having one for my (hopefully soon to be fixed) moped. :-)

Justin said...

I have a few boards. If you'd like to build one up email me at wyojustin@gmail.com.